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Railroads Less than 2 years-old (4) 11:49

Garden Railroads created by Families

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Volume 2 (4) 13:52

Railroads created by guys (4) 11:23

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OGRS . . . Member Fun 5:27

OGRS Mobile Large-Scale Show-Trailer      Set Up

Set up of the OGRS club mobile trailer includes: the mobile tote for moving the trailer into position on the show floor; details of set up, leveling, fold down; installation of track corners; adjustment of rail connectors; and test. Due to light weight styrofoam construction, most buildings, figures, and scenic accessories are glued in place. None of these came loose during transportation from Missouri into NorthWest Arkansas! Set up takes about an hours time. Trailer provides both a rolling stock staging area and TV video presentation with OGRS hand-outs at either end.

Check out additional photos of the construction of the club trailer  by Denray here!

While building the OGRS Mobile Trailer, Grandpa (Dennis) was presented with a unique gift for the trailer by his granddaughter. At the time he was installing model “grass” (grass that’s created from the stiff bristles of a brush), his granddaughter offered a lock of her hair. G-Scale”Mill Grain Warehouse” Model – Charlene Chesbro.

OGRS NW Arkansas Show – Mobile Garden Railroad Trailer

2016 – the 13th Show in Springdale, Arkansas – A non-profit event donating to Organizations to benefit kids. This was the first showing for the new OGRS Mobile Trailer. A trailer built by Dennis Rayon with help from Tom DeGeere. Models and other construction from club members. OGRS currently presents at 4 shows annually. Trailer shows a fun side of G Scale railroading, presents with videos the member railroads, encourages new membership and shows a variety of unique rolling stock.

OGRS at “Steam-O-Rama” 2013

At the 52nd Steam-O-Rama in Republic, MO, OGRS joined in the fun of “steam”! Like a big club, where almost everyone is an “exhibitor”, folks gather together for a few days of FUN . . . whatever their age . . . or even if they don’t remember those old “steam days”. For several years, Ozark Garden Railway Society has participated with it’s mobile G-Scale train layout. Enjoy.

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