KUBRR, Mountain Home, AR

CHES2KUBRR stands for Keep Us Broke Railroad. The layout is 25X60 on the upper level which has the town, depot, pond with a working waterwheel mill. There is a total of 1500 feet of track. – Click on photo for more information.

2 thoughts on “KUBRR, Mountain Home, AR”

  1. This is one of the most different versified layouts you will ever see in one layout.
    From logging switchbacks that the geared engines can only manage, to long mainlines that have the room to pull long trains.
    The structures on this layout are not awesome, they are spectacular. Scratch built some from concrete that stays outside to some with lots of great details that are stored indoors to protect the details. I have seen over 300 different layouts and this one is among the top 5 we have seen.

  2. Anyone know someone who might be interested in buying over $900 worth of vintage train cars and motorized engines and track and switches and collector traincars for just $400??..got a vintage kellogs cornflakes one thats worth over $75 alone..plus the motorized engines with pricetag still on them from like over 20yrs ago that say $59.99..(theres 6 or 7 i think)…and a track cleaner motorized one…plus much more!! ..text 18702321961. I live in 72653 area code

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