The Rockville & Weedpatch RR

Joe Levanti
Mt. Vernon, MO

This pioneer layout was built by Joe & Phyllis Levanti in time for the original OGRS Tour that started in the year 2000. The 20’ X 40’ area has 2 RR lines running. One large outside loop and one open figure eight with a siding by the station. The uninhabited town of “Rockville” boasts two waterfalls, a stream and a pond stocked with a few fish so some of the locals can go fish’n.

The feature that seems to draw the most attention is where the trains run behind the open waterfall. “Weed Patch”, the small community around the local train station, is primarily for the shipping of livestock and the produce it grows in the hills of the area. They’re also very proud of the Historic Canon they just acquired for the Town Square.The City Council is now developing new plans for the future tourist industry expected to arrive for the newly discovered healing mineral springs. Come by and sit a spell.

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