Keith Richardson
Springfield, MO

The Kansas and Pacific Railway is a western railroad winding its way through the mountains between Denver and Cheyenne and onto Kansas City, MO Stockyards. This railroad carries cattle and mining goods from the mountains to the city.

The owner of this Empire is land tycoon Keith Richardson. Keith has built this G gauge railroad inside a 2 car garage, this enables him to have control of the elements and provides the ability to model with extreme detail.

Keith has HUNDREDS of animals and figures and a large Carnival/Circus. His circus has all the main booths that can be found, from the ball toss to the high-bell ringer and many, many more. Most all Keith’s structures are scratch built, which includes a cattle drive coming into a large western town. Outside of town the Indians are fighting the cowboys; come and see who wins the squirmish.

Watch the steam train inch its way through the mountains and through the town. With hundreds of figures a lot of time can be spent looking at all the different scenes.

This layout is open.

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