Rabbit Mountain Railroad

Dennis & Martha Rayon
Mt. Vernon, MO

This railroad is in the mountains, with the main income coming from a mine and a mill. With mountains one must have bridges to connect the mountains. This Railroad has an 8 foot tall mountain with a 3 ft waterfall pouring into a 12 ft river.  A 32 ft wooden trestle on a 3.5 % grade winds into a 14 ft tunnel.

Set in the ERA of 1940 and earlier, around 300 feet of track wind through tunnels and over many bridges.

Structure building is Dennis’s main passion; some of his structures have won awards at previous National Conventions.

Several trees and some plants are the main plant life. As you view the railroad you may get to see the reason it is called Rabbit Mountain, several rabbits roam the area and use the railroad as shelter in the snow.

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