The T & J Railroad

Tom & Jean DeGeere
Springfield, Mo.

Get your sight-seeing eyes ready. Visitors of the Ozark Mountain RR take a trip through three different cities in three eras! This layout has something for the whole family. Mountain ranges, floral, sounds, and even fairgrounds powered by the sun! Step right up for a grand time.

Dimensions: ranges from 20 ft to 30 feet wide, approx. 100 ft. long
Theme for time period from 1850’s to the 1950’s with steam engines and early diesel.

400 feet of electric track, steel trestle, tunnel, gorge and various land features. Mountain range containing over 50 miniature Alberta Spruce, various ground covers and herbs used throughout the layout.

Farmstead with barn and equipment. Small farming community with business activities. Town of Brookville, with trolley service to Brookville Fair grounds and carnival rides. The town of Brookville puts on a fireworks display during summer evenings.
1850’s western town “Red Rock” on stagecoach line.

Many buildings are “solar lighted” for evening/night display with a wide variety of people, vehicles, animals thru all of the displays.

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