Keeps Us Broke Railroad

Craig & Charlene Chesbro
Mountain Home, AR

The KUBRR (Keeps Us Broke Railroad) was started in 2004 and seems to keep growing. The layout is 25X60 on the upper level which has the town, depot, pond with a working waterwheel mill. Also a round house, turntable, car barn, coaling station, water tower, oil tank for roundhouse broiler. There is farm house, barn pasture with cattle chutes to load cattle into the cattle cars. The lower level of the layout is 30X50 which has a trestle winding down from the upper level to the logging part of the layout which has a logging camp with lots of dwarf Alberta spruce trees. There is a total of 1500 feet of track. We run mostly steam locomotives with battery power & Air Wire radio control. We do have DCC on two loops.

One thought on “Keeps Us Broke Railroad”

  1. I have a lot of model railroad equipment, track, cars, engine, landscaping, towns, bldg., etc. for sale. I collected but never put together.

    I really enjoyed your site. I know you have put in a lot of effort and time and love in your layout. I wish I could have done the same.

    Unfortunately, I now need to sell all the things I collected as I no longer can get around well. If you know of anyone who can use more equipment, please pass my information along.


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