Frisco & White River

Bill Hickory
Springfield, MO

A narrow gauge line set in the Ozarks White River region.  Some of this “dead rail” line is 20 years old, some less than 20 days!  Live steam shows off this railroad . . . that’s being rejuvenated.  A unique tubing-water feature is the most popular.

2 thoughts on “Frisco & White River”

  1. Bill Hickory,

    This is Paul Parks. I visited your home layout and purchased from you several years ago about $100 worth of G-scale track. I have this year moved to a new house in south-east Springfield. So now I am looking for about 20 feet of straight track for the new layout. Do you have any track you might want to sell or know a member of OGRS who does?


  2. my son and I visited the Thomas Day at Library Station this weekend. Could we possibly come check out your layout sometime?

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