Carlisle, Schuetzville, & Monett RR

Glen & Sherry Carlisle
Monett, MO

The CS&M is a narrow gauge railroad set in the early 1900’s. It hauls freight and passengers through a mountainous region.

The mainline is a folded loop running on 300 ft of track with two sidings. Glens desire was to create a layout that him and his grandchildren could switch a few cars around the local business, or set back and enjoy a cold drink under a very large shade tree, and watch the trains run.  Glen designed the layout so that trains would disappear and then reappear somewhere else. He accomplished this by the means of tunnels, mountains, and a vast amount of plant growth.

If you like plants, you will enjoy the CS&M railroad. Most of the locomotives and rolling stock is Bachmann and a lot of it is weathered. The structures are all mostly scratch built.


One thought on “Carlisle, Schuetzville, & Monett RR”

  1. Wow Glen and Sherry has done a great job teaching and working with their grandchildren in the realm of garden railroading.
    Making videos of this also really shows how it make inspire others to involve their children/grandchildren in the hobby.

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