2015 OGRS Christmas Party

2015Bot5OGRS December Meeting is annual CHRISTMAS PARTY, which will be at Methodist Church in Bois D”Arc,  MO.    Reminder, the gift exchange at the Christmas dinner will be a White Elephant Ornament. The ornament needs to be railroad or garden railroad related. Need to have one per person. The ornament should be something that you make. Remember, this is white elephant. So, those who don’t feel like they are creative, it doesn’t matter. Just put a string and maybe some ribbon on some junk train parts and you have an ornament. Put the ornament in a gift bag so that it can’t be seen. Everyone will randomly pick one. President Bill Hickory said that there would be reindeer games at the party, whatever that is, so show around 11:00 am. It sounds like fun so be there.


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